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EPC, The Eco Price Calculator

This mod introduces a selection of commands to help everyone on your server on their journey to set sensible store prices.

Note: EPC is currently at version 0.1.0 meaning that it has not yet reached its first full release. While it has been tested and does the job, there's a few quirks still in need of ironing out.


Simply extract the mod files into [Server Directory]/Mods/UserCode/.


The following commands are available under the current release:

Calculate Price
/EPC CalculatePrice [Item], [Recipe] OR /CalcPrice [Item], [Recipe]

Lists the price of production per craft table per item using the provided recipe. Will take installed modules into account.

Note that this requires a store somewhere to be selling each ingredient. If multiple stores are selling the required ingredient, it will pick the cheapest one.

Works for both specific items and tags as ingredients.

List Item Recpies

/EPC ListItemRecipes [Item] OR /ListRecipes [Item]

Lists all available recipe names for the provided item.

List Stores

/EPC ListStores OR /ListStores

Lists all stores known to EPC (should be all stores in the world)

List Item Prices

/EPC ListItemPrices [Item] OR /ItemSales [Item]

Lists all stores selling the item and the price they take for it.

List Tag Prices

/EPC ListTagPrices [Tag] OR /TagSales [Tag]

Lists all stores selling items with the tag and the price they take for it.

List Craft Ingredients

/EPC ListCraftIngredients [Recipe]OR /Ingredients [Recipe]

Lists the ingredients required for the recipe with the amount for each. Will list this per relevant worktable that the user owns. Takes installed modules into account.

List Craft Tables

/EPC ListCraftTables OR /CraftStations

Lists the name and type of each craft table that the user is the owner of.


If you encounter any issues or want to suggest an improvement, please feel free to do so here or open an issue on GitHub.




08.09 2022
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