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Expand Your Palate with new foods and items from the EM Foods Bundle!

It is the same as the old EM Food but more spread out with more diverse choice on what you feed your character!!

Each Module in this bundle is optional so you can remove what you don't want!!

Thanks to the EM Framework 3.1.x We now have Customizable Recipes! Change the recipes to suit your needs!

REQUIRES EM FRAMEWORK 3.1.x! Not Included In Download

Not enough stuff for the recipes? Why not look at the Elixr Mods Plus Modules! Make your Own Mod Bridge to change up the recipes using items from another mod!! WHAT?!

More information on the EM Plus Modules Here: Elixr Mods Plus

More Details On these Modules to be released Soon As well as documentation on Mod Overrides


Food Smoking

You like Jerky? Pizza? So do we!


Not enough to do as a farmer? why not breed some chickens! and more cool things to come!


Do you like to play with your food? Well with Zymology you can now Experiment! Brew Beer, Sake, Make New Delicious Steak Burgers! With more things to come!!!

This isn't all, We also have Hunters in mind! Stay Tuned for more EM Food Modules to come!!




08.09 2021
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