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### Battlescape Rules ###
- New armor properties (dodge, unarmed attacks, energy regeneration, etc.) and item properties (new damage types, CQC rules, etc.).
- Accuracy penalty when shooting an unseen enemy.
- Improved combat AI.
- Civilians can pick up and use weapons.
- Aliens are more likely to pick up items.
- AI can use explosives from turn 1.
- Melee reactions.
- Melee weapons can attack terrain.
- Increased max view distance to 40.
- Enhanced lighting.
- Dynamic psi formulas.
- Stunning enemies improves morale.
- All enemies always spawn regardless of nodes availability.
- Last aliens may be revealed.
- Statistical bullet conservation.
- Medicals train Bravery and restore some Morale to the user, but are marginally slower.
- More complex TU costs for moving and reloading items.

### Unit Rules ###
- 120 new soldier faces.
- Extended dog actions.
- Hovertanks have better nightvision.
- Snakemen slowly regenerate.

### Geo Additions ###
- Custom base names.
- Soldier nationality flags.
- Air combat distances are shown in km.
- Alien bases are created in or near the infiltrated country.

### Interface ###
- Extra information in the Ufopaedia.
- Sortable research list.
- Unit status indicators (graphics by Captain Corkscrew and Ivan Dogovich).
- Added Quick Draw inventory slot.
- Visual damage indicator (by Mistar Red).

### Other features ###
- Various other, minor features.



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