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Do you want to become a fisherman? Fishing Unplugged gives you that option!

Until now fishing in Eco felt boring and without real purpose but with Fishing Unplugged you can do so much more. This mod adds a bunch of new recipes to various tables throughout the game making fisherman needed.

How to install:
go to Mods/_core_/AutoGen/WorldObject and delete Fishery.cs. the reason this file needs to be deleted is because this mod contains a modified version of the Fishery.

Now go to Mods/UserCode and place the FishingUnplugged folder inside there.

Recipes Added:


Crab Meat

Fish Bait

Fish Stick


Can of Tuna

Crab Sticks

Fish Farm

Fish Fillet

Fishing Unplugged Upgrade

Salmon Fillet

Shark Steak

Tinned Sardines.

Fish Farm:

Breed Cod

Breed Sardine


Fish Egg

Fish Oil

Infused Fish Oil.

Cast Iron Stove:

Fish Fingers

Fish and Chips


Baked Cod and Butter Beans

Salmon Burger


Bass Bean Salad

Bass Stew

Fried Salmon

Urchin Soup

More Updates will be coming in the near future. If you notice something strange with the mod or want to make a suggestion feel free to contact me on discord:

Your feedback is important in maintaining and perfecting this mod in time.

All files have been made as .cs files so you can make any adjustments yourself if you need/want too - Make sure you know what you are doing though.




18.09 2021
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