Gearbox Addon

V 1.5 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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New in Version 1.1

This version contains a detailed description in German and English, two sample mods and a template for zzzMrGearboxAddonConfig.xm. If you want to change the GearboxAddon then you can copy this file into the mods folder. It is not necessary to change any mods.

In addition, the blow off ventil sound is new in version 1.1. When shfting gears there is a corresponding hiss. Many thanks to Knechti for the support, guidance and for the release of the sound.

The mod also works in MP. Thanks to Beda6 for testing! The additional configuration file is supported in MP. It is sufficient to have it only onthe server.

Changes and Corrections in Version 1.2

The package now includes an adjusted version of

And the key 4 for the cruise control works now even without gearbox.

  • Assistants and Course play drive with fully automatic and continuously variable transmissions
  • In all other cases, Course Play turns off the Gear type
  • Improved gear change; it is less decelerated
  • Corrected torque at PTO
  • Correction manual clutch in MultiPlayer
  • No warning when changing gear and manual clutch; instead GrindingSound
  • Advanced Cruise Control functions

Version 1.21

Braking was too extreme if the vehicle is controlled by hired worker or courseplay.

Version 1.3

The gearbox now supports combines. It will calculated the needed power of the combine. This will slow down most of the combines. If you do not like it you can always turn off the gearbox with Shift-;.

Version 1.4

The support of combines has bin improved in version 1.4. Older combines only work with hand throttle (the two keys right to the backspace key).



mogli aka biedens

  • 25 Oct 10:22
    Version 1.5

    - fix warnings on dedi server
    - MB3D John Deere 7530
    - bug fix empty fuel tank

  • 10 Aug 15:59
    Version 1.4


  • 26 Feb 12:49
    Version 1.3


  • 19 Mar 13:11
    Version 1.21

    - bugfix braking with hired worker or courseplay

  • 19 Mar 10:22
    Version 1.2

    hired worker and Courseplay drive with fully automatic and continuously variable transmissions -
    in all other cases, Courseplay turns off the gearbox -
    Improved gear change; it is less decelerated -
    corrected torque at PTO -
    correction manual clutch in MultiPlayer -
    no warning when changing gear and manual clutch; instead GrindingSound -
    advanced Cruise Control functions -

  • 13 Mar 21:59
    Version 1.1

    MP support; CVT; G27

  • 11 Feb 18:31
    Version 1.0

    MP should now work; more build-in configurations; better clutch and brakes handling

  • 19 Dec 15:43
    Version 0.92 beta

    MP bug fix in mogliBase.lua

  • 19 Dec 10:31
    Version 0.91 beta

    Automatic hand brake at low speed; limited RPM de-/increase; additional configurations

  • 28 Nov 15:43
    Version 0.9 beta

    simulation of a clutch; axis support for clutch and hand throttle; nice HUD

  • 14 Nov 22:42
    Version 0.8 Beta


checksum: 0dfd312039e7aeb2c508dc5ddcc19650
Version: 1.5
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Mogli aka Biedens; Italian translation by zed636
price in shop: LS
name in shop:
description in shop:

14.11 2014
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7 Comments for Gearbox Addon

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  1. Delta7 13. 08 2016

    zzzMrGearboxAddon: no configuration found for inserting gearboxMogli into JohnDeere_9870sts_Harvester/caseIH7130.xml

    C:/Users/Rik Sauer/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//zzzMrGearboxAddon/zzzMrGearboxAddonConfig.xml
    Nothing found at index: 154

    C:/Users/Rik Sauer/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//zzzMrGearboxAddonConfig.xml
    mrGearboxMogli: Initialization of client...

    Error: Render device Error: Unknown.
    zzzMrGearboxAddon: looking for default configuration (default)
    mrGearboxMogli: Initialization of client...

    und er funktioniert nicht in allen mods

    Bitte fixxen danke

  2. w1der 11. 06 2016

    Interesting ... I would love to try this out!

    However ...
    I have made some changes of the torque settings and engine sound on my mods.
    Will this script do changes in the xml files? (If I do not like this script and delete it ... will all my mods go back to the way they where before?)

    1 replies

  3. lee21 18. 05 2016

    how do you work the gear box

  4. Totenfarmer 26. 09 2015

    Very nice mod, I downloaded it a long time ago, but just tried it out now on the NH Bundle-pack, I only have one question: Is there a way to turn the HUD on and off in-game, preferably without using the "Hudhider" script ?

  5. lii 06. 09 2015

    Is there any chance to improve the HUD of this great mod ???

  6. john290 14. 03 2015

    Is there anyway to get the g27 clutch working in game?

    Übersetzt aus dem Englisch.
    Gibt es trotzdem, um das g27 Kupplung zum Laufen zu bringen? Wenn ja, könnten Sie bitte einen Link.

  7. Jachu2530 15. 11 2014

    How does the handgas work?