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Hello dear farmers,


this is my home town Genthin and the village Mützel, in Saxony Anhalt.


I have them with the help of a map, my own knowledge, because of my long time I lived there and reconstructed sightings by driving down. The construction time of the map in the current state is about 11 months and it is my first project at all at the PC.

In Genthin and the surrounding villages, about 15,000 people live. I have the city too large, the urban area Altenplatow to a small extent and the village Mützel completely reconstructed.

You have three courtyards in the game. The main house (Uhlandhof), which is integrated into the residential area Uhlandstraße. Today, there are many green areas, since the residential blocks were gradually demolished and become. the Werderhof and the Feldhof. All farms have storage and seed / fertilizer facilities, as well as shelters, the main house still a gas station and a wash place.

All animals and a feeding farm can be found in the village of Mützel. There is also a feed store at your disposal.

In Genthin there are 47 fields between 0,6 and 12 ha area. Likewise you are available to me and the missions. There are no blocked productions on the map, but you have 16 areas with about 170 000m² available for everything.


The following sales points are installed:

Bakery, Bockwindmühle (Brewery), Brewery, Garden Center, Manure Shop, Ingograss, Potatohans, Lenas Beet, BGA, Manure, Mill, Sawmill, Carpenter,


From the start, you have a big fleet, but you have to download it. (a download list is included) and below I also write down the downloads.

In addition to these are animated gates and light, traffic and pedestrians and the gold nuggets.

Since I still want to change some things or replace them, but these are currently not available there will be an update, when that will be so far I do not know.



FENDT 800 Favorite


MF Old Generation 1970-1990


Claas Dominator 88s


Zetor 6911 FL


Poor salmon Cheetah beet harvester


Landsberg seedbed combination


Krone Turbo 3500






SIP Spider 350


Fahr KH4S rake







First of all, I would like to thank all those who are concerned with the LS, and help others. Be it through mods, maps, tools, features, scripts, addons, objects, videos, descriptions, explanations, etc. Without you, so much would not be possible.

My attempts to build Genthin started already in the middle of 2014, since I have a lot to do with my ears, I get very little too deal with such great things for a long time. I've seen a lot of videos, read a lot and watched tutorials to present my idea and my work to you. That was only possible through you, THANKS

There have really been many things built up by many people, keeping track of it is difficult. If you recognize in objects, but is missing below, please contact me and I would like to write to it.


A very special thanks go to Powerpeter008 and mole63 which the Genthiner Persiluhr have recreated, but for this I would like to thank you very much. Furthermore, I would like to thank Arii, VertexDezign, Fatian, Nick98.1, Jendrek, Farmerahner, flo1997, wirgernbauer, seba j, BobMaster66, csmc, freak36588, wildfuchs, ka88, mach1-andy, trekkerbodo, Mark, Hewaa, LWS Terminator , LS-Landtechnik, ClaasXerion5000NRW, for scripts and objects


Thanks for reading to here.

I wish you a lot of fun with my map and the game.

I am looking forward to feedback and constructive criticism.


Love greeting Papaherz

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  • 04 Nov 12:19
    Version 3

    PDA angepasst
    Spielstrasse besser befahrbar gemacht

  • 19 Oct 19:39
    Version 2

    Ställe mit Türen und Fenstern versehen.
    Schweinestall neu.
    Wohnhaus und Hof erneuret und erweitert
    Alle Silo erweitert
    Bekannte Fehler behoben

  • 10 Sep 16:26
    Version 1




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