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? Features maps:

? Two farms with targeted type of production
? Two villages
? Dealer "Agromet Górale"
? Three sellpoints
? biogas
? All doors and gates opening at key
? Dynamic ground textures
? New Skins

? Prohibitions:

? Prohibition of change link
? Prohibition reuploadu
? Prohibition edition

? Micromods (required to run the map): http://uploaded.net/file/583f3j9g


Rafik & Gimcio


  • 25 Jan 13:37
    Version 3.0




checksum: 4d63e3b7fa7f84920b4050ae52690a9b
Version: 3.0
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Rafik andamp; Gimcio
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Górale V3
description in shop: created by Rafik andamp; Gimcio

25.01 2016
Modhoster user rating
4.46 / 24 Votes


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V 3.0
Farming Simulator 15
532 MB 3758
25. 01 2016 3,758

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  1. sootysax 27. 01 2016

    do modders get paid per download when they have uploaded.net host thier maps? ive given probably $100 to upload.net over the years and im wondering if the modders are getting a cut?

    1 replies

  2. Totenfarmer 26. 01 2016

    Sooo..sure you have a great map there..we are going to download 500mb from uploaded, which takes forever,then we are going to wait for 3 hrs to download another pack...which takes forever, so estimated 5 hours from you start downloading, that`s what you are thinking, right ?
    This is what I`m thinking: How about people stop using that shady uploaded site, which is a scam if you pay for an account, and use direct download instead, add a "Donate" button and people that like the mods are happy to donate.

    4 replies

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