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Jenny Mod is an interesting and different mod that allows you to have a virtual girlfriend in the Minecraft world.


With the Jenny mod you can do things that are not possible in the standard game. For example, you can fly! You can also swim in lava and water without getting hurt. There are also countless other cool features that will make your Minecraft experience even better. If you want to take your game to the next level, download Jenny's mod today!Jenny Mod adds a new mob to Minecraft based on the character Jenny from the TV show My Life as a teenage robot.


This Jenny Mod adds many features to the game, including:



A new Jenny mob can be found in the world


Jenny's robot ability.

Jenny will fight against the players who attack her.

Jenny can be equipped with armor and weapons.

Jenny can be given commands by right-clicking her with empty hands.

Jenny will follow you if you have the diamond in your hand.

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Jenny is a Minecraft character created by the developer SlipperyTum. After downloading Jenny Mod, you will find her in a building with a pointed roof. Jenny can be considered as your virtual girlfriend. You can go out with her, give her gifts like diamonds, emeralds and gold.

Jenny has some special super powers. When she took a lucky potion, she could use the abilities of probability manipulation and water breathing to create a situation in her favor. Jenny can also teleport like Enderman under the right conditions. In addition, Jenny has excellent healing abilities that help her regain her strength quickly after attacks.


How to install Jenny Mod in Minecraft



Open CurseForge.

Click Minecraft on the console.

Upload the Jenny mod file.

In the Minecraft dropdown menu, go to My Modpacks and click on it to upload the file.

Next, select Create Custom Profile to create a new profile.

Rename this new profile to the name you want.

Select Minecraft and Forge version 1.12.2.

Click Create and then right-click on the newly created profile.

Select Open Folder and then open the mod folder here.

Grab both Jenny mod files and drag them here.

Now go back to the CurseForge dashboard to see the Jenny mod under Installed Mods (Installed Mods).

Open Minecraft and click on the Play button.

Select the new profile you just created.

Also, make sure that Forge-14 is uploaded as well.

Press play again.

Remember that you need to start in Creative World to interact with Jenny.

Find Jenny in her house and enjoy the new Minecraft mod.


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  1. trohn-hd 17. 04 2023

    Warum ist dieser Mod für dem LS13 eingetragen???

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