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This mod exports live data to json server that other tools can then consume.
The interval between server data export is configurable.

Currently exports data related to:

  • Stores - contains all stores ingame as well as products being sold / bought at each store (equivalent info as ingame economy viewer)
  • Recipes - contains all recipes that are available ingame in the server (including recipes added/modified by other mods)
  • Crafting tables - contains all crafting tables available ingame in the server (including tables added by other mods)
  • Tags - contains all tags ingame as well as the items that belong to each tag

Currently there are two servers running this mod:

  • ecoworld
  • ecolife

This mod is used and required by the price calculator mod, which is a separate website that consumes this data and provides an UI to help players calculate prices to list their products in the store.

A test version of this tool is available here (not connected to any server):

Installation steps:

  1. Send me an email or a discord message asking for an id unique to your server (please say server name so that i can customize the price calculator website url).
  2. Download mod, add to mods folder, configure id got above in the field JsonStorageId.

And that's it.

Reach me at email or in discord: Fon#2880





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