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Is the shield, a totem or a firework annoying to always carry in the second hand, because a piece of the screen gets filled. Well this resource pack takes care of that by attaching these items to the arm and making them invisible in firstperson.

Furthermore it should be usable for every version. Are you playing Minecraft 1.8 and then you switch to 1.12 or 1.18? You can simply switch Minecraft without also switching the pack, because all versions are supported in the one pack. Active versions supported are 1.8 to 1.20. If you are using a newer or older version, this will also work. In 1.7 3D textures like 3D ladders or 3D sugar cane were not supported yet. These are then simply displayed in 2D. And if new versions are played, then the newer items and blocks are still missing, whereas I plan to support further versions like the 1.19 as well. 

For minecraft 1.8.9 or lower optifine is required, otherwise some textures look shifted or warped.
For newer versions optifine is not needed. But it is still recommended, because connected blocks and stackable items are not available otherwise. But there are alternative mods, which add these features again.

The resource pack itself should give you a nice realistic feel to Minecraft. Items like arrows stack, which often changes the texture of some items per number of items. Blocks like Glass look connected, which makes it more realistic again.
And the 64x64 and 128x128 pixels per block look (there are few other variants), removes the pixelstyle without consuming much performance.


Another advantage is the support for mods.
The supported mods are:

Advancedsolarpanel, Appliedenergistics2, Baubles, Bettergrassandleaves, Chisel, Computercraft, Forestry, Ironchest, Natura, Not Enough Items, Not Enough Items integration, Just Enough Items, Appleskin, Notenoughupdates, Thermalfoundation, Tinker and as briefly stated above Pixelmon.




For those who don't know how to insert a resourcepack:

Windowssearch -> %appdata% -> .minecraft -> Resourcepack

There you have to put the resourcepack. (in form of a folder. No Zip!)

Alternatively you can unzip the "" in the resourcepack folder.

The folder can also be accessed via Minecraft. In the Resourcepack menu. Bottom left.





  • 19 Jun 23:33
    Version 4.0.0(MC:1.8-1.20.1)

    - 1.20 wird jetzt unterstützt
    - 1.20.1 wird jetzt unterstützt
    - Saturn erscheint manchmal in der Nacht
    - Enchantments haben neben dem Text ein Icon
    - Text wurde überarbeitet
    - viele Sprachen werden jetzt unterstützt
    - Spawneggs haben jetzt ein Icon
    - Fackel wie auch weitere Items sind jetzt auch 3D
    - Mehr Modsupport darunter für Appleskin und Hypixel Skyblock wie auch Anpassungen
    - Mobs wie Zombies wurden vom Skulk gefressen und sind zu Statuen geworden
    - die Bücher im chiseled bookshelf sind random
    - Mob Animationen sind jetzt realistischer
    - In Höhlen können Glühwürmchen vorkommen
    - Es ist nun möglich unter anderem in Lava und in Pulverschnee mehr sehen zu können
    - Der Effekt Blindheit ist schwächer geworden. Es ist nun möglich alles verdunkelt zu sehen
    - Sounds leicht überarbeitet
    - Braustand hat jetzt links eine Hilfe
    - Das Pausemenü hat jetzt ein Bild als Schrift
    - Viel Optimierung, dass auch auf schwächeren Computern das Resourcepack super laufen kann


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V 4.0.0(MC:1.8-1.20.1)
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