Meteor Rain

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It works with Eco 9.5

To start use do following:

/MeteorRain (params)


/MeteorRain 100000, 60, 250, 150, 1, 3, "IronOreBlock"

or do just

/MeteorRain to use defaults.

Default parameters: int count = 100000000, float timeBetween = 60f, float notifyAreaRange = 250f, float notifyTime = 150f, float minCraterSize = 1f, float maxCraterSize = 3f, string oreType = "IronOreBlock"

Count - how many pieces will fall.

Time between - time between each piece

Notify area range - how far away users will be notified

Notify Time - how many time users have before hit

Min crater size & max crater size - size of crater of meteor, will be choosen randomly.

Ore type - ore that will be at craters.

Each time you restart the server you need to start meteor rain again.

Hint: you can start several meteor rains at same time with different ore types if you want to.




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