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Have you ever wondered why Eco doesn't have drinks?

Mixology gives you that option. With a brand new specialty, 2 in-game objects and over 25+ recipes to craft.

As you work your way up in levels for Mixology, you will be able to craft drinks that will give you higher calories etc.

Call in the help of a campfire cook to research the skill book, then request the assistance of a basic engineer to craft your Blender & Drinks Machine.

Once you have those new items in hand, you will be ready to set out and start your own cafe selling various fruity and healthy drinks to the entire Eco community.

How to install:

Drag and drop all files and folders inside of "Mixology1.0" zip file, into the /Mods/Usercode folder. Restart your server and your ready to mix it up!

Feedback is always greatly appreciated to help bring this mod up to the standard you guys expect. If you want to be the first to find out about upcoming changes or even if you just need support with installation, feel free to join us on our discord server! https://discord.gg/QDAEBV8Kau




12.06 2022
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