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V 1.4 (Psix19rus) mod for Spintires

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Mustang 65201 8x8:

The mod is positioned as a technical support truck to perform tasks related to unloading / loading, searching for lost cargo, repairing and evacuating vehicles. Thanks to the module with a heavy mechanized bridge, it is possible to pave the way through ditches, ravines, shallow rivers, mud and snow crusts.


Truck crane Krasnoyarets:

The maximum lifting capacity of the crane is only at the maximum raised boom, at a short reach. Comfortable working angle of 120 degrees, maximum working angle of 270 degrees - load capacity is reduced. The maximum reach of the boom is 35 meters.


Cargo tow truck:

The maximum lifting capacity of the tow truck boom is ~ 10 tons (game). If the towed vehicle is heavy, try hooking it on the rear axle.


Bridge platform TMM-3:

In the game, it serves as an auxiliary element for installing the bridge span. If, after the bridge has been installed, it needs to be corrected, there are many winch points on the platform with which this can be done. Also, in case of an accident, if you have lost the bridge, you can use the platform to "put" the bridge on the chassis. Hooking it with a winch on the one hand to the crossbar on the movable part of the platform, on the other hand to the central point on the bridge. It is important that the bridge be in a position on the ground where the center point is at the top. Then, after tightening the span, the points for the trailer will coincide on the chassis.


In the trailer shop you will find two spans of the bridge - with supports and without supports.



The control of the bridge with supports works only when the immersive mode is on (bug). Control via Lshift + W,A,S,D,R,T,F,G.


Moving between maps is strictly with a deployed span.


Do not install bridge piers in rivers with strong currents, in which case the bridge will be carried away by the current. Unfortunately, this cannot be bypassed, such is the game physics.


Light tow truck

Capable of carrying 2 points of cargo. Paired with the Tatra manipulator, you can comfortably complete tasks to search for lost cargo in difficult conditions.


We hope the modification will give you a good gaming experience and aesthetic pleasure from performance.



Authors: Creative Lab. "Tak Soidet". Our blog on

  • 05 Apr 17:31
    Version 1.4 (Psix19rus)


05.04 2022
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V 1.4 (Psix19rus)
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