New Holland CX8090

V 1.01 beta mod for Farming Simulator 15

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Model - Profarm, SiiD
Programming - SiiD
Amendments visual and scripted - SIID,
M?ody98, Marlin, vnsfdg2, AgroTechnik


New Holland CX8090:
- Washable
- Full animation (joystick, all actuators, ladder)
- Animation seat and the panel move on holes
- Manual unloading grain
- Full lighting
- Capacity grain tank 10500l
- Capacity fuel tank 1000l
- speedometer
- fuel gauge
- An indicator of full grain tank
- The sound information and roosters are switched on at 80%

The package is a combine harvester New Holland CX8090, and 3 headers 18,25, 32 ft,


Model: SiiD, Profarm
Texture: SiiD, Profarm
Script: SiiD
Idea / Concept: SiiD
Testing: SiiD
Other: M?ody98, AgroTechnik, Marlin, vnsfdg2


  • 19 Jun 18:37
    Version 1.01 beta

    - Repair errors in the log




19.06 2016
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3.41 / 27 Votes


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V 1.01 beta
Farming Simulator 15
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19. 06 2016 4,068

10 Comments for New Holland CX8090

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  1. BOB 2002 03. 12 2016

    come the combine in the ls 17 ? is the best harvester

  2. woelkchen07 11. 09 2016

    A wonderful mod, thank you.
    Might it be possible for you to take care of those two log warnings?
    textures/ width or height doesn't equal 2^n
    textures/ width or height doesn't equal 2^n

  3. JulianAY 17. 07 2016

    Love the combine.
    From the model I like this one most. I would really appreciate, if this mod would get cameras for the pipe and the header.
    I love to play 1st-person and the cameras help.



  4. Magnum PI 02. 07 2016


    I have an error message when i download this zip and try to open it. The archive is either in unknown format or damaged. Why?

  5. Wildflower 20. 06 2016

    Tested your combine, very nice details!
    Movement of header and cabine!
    Sharp details!
    Perfect between the small NH and big NH from Giants, for small and midlle farms!
    I still need to check the log later!

    Staying on my farm :-)
    BTW, could you add BELGIUM in your numberplates??? :-D

    Thank you for sharing 4*/5*

  6. Fox9204 19. 06 2016

    Many thanks for your harvester but he isn't error free. I write you an private message and I send you the log errors. If you fixed these errors, than i will review your mod. Thank your for your work :)

    1 replies

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