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Optional Assets

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This is a set of optional, graphical assets for NidToolbox.

It contains server icons requested by users on my Discord.

If you would like to have your icons or assets added, please join my Discord and request in in #server-logos channel.

Support is provided as well as suggestions are accepted on my Discord discord tiny here

List of Assets and Asset Ids:

  • nid-AWLGaming.unity3d - Ids:
    • nid-awl_1
    • nid-awl_2
    • nid-awl_3
    • nid-awl_banner_1
  • nid-EcoHispano.unity3d - Ids:
    • nid-ecohispano_1
  • nid-RustyCup.unity3d - Ids
    • nid-rusty_cup_1

How to use them:

To use them as server Icon within NidToolbox just set ServerIconId in GeneralSettings to your selected asset id.

To use them on signs and objects within game or within message text, just use <ecoicon name="assetId"> it is possible to surround it with other tags like align, size etc.


As any module of NidToolbox set, it requires nid-core module, available in the main forum thread: here

How to install:

  1. Unpack .zip archive
  2. Copy your selected .unity3d asset file to Mods/NidToolbox/Assets
  3. Example: If you are an owner of BlueBoxGaming Community, find and unpack BlueBoxGaming.unity3d.



19.09 2022
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