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This removes NVG and IR attachments from bots and also players if configured. This doesn't affect the loadout in any way, so this should be fully compatible with all other loadout mutators such as ISMC, FortuneSoldier, GunFrenzy, FullyLoaded, etc. Bots can be given flashlights or a mix of flashlights and lasers. This just removes the ability to equip the items from loadout, which means that NVG will still be available from the loadout, but they will be removed once equipped and force flashlights, lasers, and gas masks accordingly only.


The mutator can be configured with the following under the header: [/NoNVG/Mutators/NoNVG.NoNVG_C]

bForceGasMask Setting to True will force players/bots to equip a gas mask. This makes it so that players who equipped NVG or bots who equipped are automatically given the only accessory available, which is gas mask. Default is True
bOnlyForBots Setting to True will enable players to equip all night accessories and only force bots to use flashlights Default is False
bEnableLasers Setting to True will give bots a mix of flashlights and lasers as opposed to only flashlights. Default is False

Example Game.ini. Change this only if you want different values then below:


Example use for local play:

open Citadel?Scenario=Scenario_Citadel_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night?Mutators=NoNVG




20.03 2022
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