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This is an updated version of Tedox, updated for Eco v0.9.x.x.

Full credit to the creator, I did not make any of the assets or textures or most of the code. All I did was tweak the code and update it.

Currently just the blast furnace works still having an issue with the cement kiln chimney output pipe. So when that is fixed I will update it on here.

Machines details & default configuration

- each station use 3000w when operating
- They pollute the same as the original
- It can be easily configured in .cs file of each Object

Readme and Install Instruction
- Unzip/Extract
- Move the extracted folder YourServer/Mods (so you get: YourServer/Mods /NyElectricBlastFurnace)


  • Tedox (original creator)
  • Abrasivehorizon (Updater)




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