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Paper Milling Overhaul adds several new uses to the Paper Milling skill and products made by it.

Currently there is only a few new recipes as I work to expand the skill further. Suggestions are welcome, just leave a comment!

Supported Version: 9.5.X

Added Recipes

  1. All Advanced Research and Modern Research use some form of paper.
  2. Alternate Paper (Not Reliant on Tailoring but less efficient)
  3. Changed Bookshelf recipe
  4. Book
  5. Printing Press(Made by SLG, I just added a recipe and use-case to it)
  6. Wall Shelf (Housing Decoration)
  7. Mortared Stone Pulpit (Texture by SLG)
  8. Modern Paper (For Modern Research papers)

Future Changes:

Adding Paper as a requirement for government tables.

Recipe for Paper Machine (Industry Tier machine(Made by SLG)

Recipe for Oriental Style Paper Walls


Drag and drop the Mods folder into your Eco Server main folder.




22.06 2022
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