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Adds ability for player to use the existing weapon melee bind to drop the currently held weapon. There is a trade-off here as the mod editor doesn't allow new binds to be made, so this overrides existing binds and replaces them with drop weapon. Use of melee with a weapon is the most edge case of the weapon binds in my opinion and I believe the addition of DropWeapon is a good trade-off. Note for Melee you must bind Cycle Optic to something other than Melee/Cycle Optic or else the player will not be able to cycle optic.


Originally used in FortuneSoldier, where 4 primaries can be scavenged and the ability to drop empty ones is needed, but I thought others might appreciate it as a independent mod without the need for the rest of the FortuneSoldier loadout.

Other potential binds may be added in time, but most others are not worth the trade-off. An alternative might be speed reload for weapon with no ammo, but the speed reload event isn't thrown when you don't have mags so this would require work and not as flexible as melee.




14.12 2021
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