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After the successful 5500+ downloads of my Survival Map 4.1.1, I have now started my other project, unfinished and immature though, but I want to share it with you guys so I can share the map with you AND post my progress right now.


Today definitely still follows an update, where I finish the fishing pier and possibly still build the one or other things to it.



As seen in the pictures, it is a pure underwater house with a panoramic view and a basement with everything necessary (furnace, chest, workbench, etc. for now NO ITEMS)


The map still spawns monsters and you spawn in creative mode, the map is explicitly UNFINISHED, the map is still being worked on.




Underwater house (Finished)

Fishing pier (under construction)

House entrance (finished)

Farm with additional farmhouse and animals (being built)

Rail network to village (still being built)

Mobspawner fundort found, only I have to look how best to get there, because very low.


What is Planned, but comes relatively at the end:

Build rails towards the mountain and then build mine


implement a zoo

build a giant swimming pool & outdoor pool

create various recreational activities




Project Pre-Alpha 0.1


You may not resell the map, or pass it off as your own. You can remove credits or whatever. Do what you want with it, as long as it doesn't become a server, if it becomes a server. Then please do not remove the credits




Modell: Projekt (Pre-)Alpha
Textur: n/A
Script: n/A
Idee / Konzept: Toni_DeLaCreme
Tester: Toni_DeLaCreme

  • 11 Oct 18:58
    Version 0.1 Alpha


11.10 2022
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V 0.1 Alpha
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