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Map: PRS -It is a small part of Cavar map (more green and balanced for FF)

Part of cavar map for our team cuz we play only FF.
TDM has been add for fun.

FireFight(need to be checked):
Map: PRS
Scenario: FireFight_GTC

TDM EASY (test):

Map: PRS
Scenario :MoP_GTC_Test
Scenario: MoP_GTC_Test2

(Scenario "MoP_GTC_Test2")
(Scenario "MoP_GTC_Test")

-Your team starts only with pistols. (RN If you do not add SDM mutator (or default PistoOnly mutator) then you can use default weapon setups for TDM but in close future that mutator will be necessary/ especially for PRO option)
-You can pick up guns in the buildings.
-Randomly in the building you can notice red or yellow animation (randomly spawn and disappear).
-If you get into that building when that animation is there (or you will be inside when it's begun) then:
-If it is yellow, you have 3 seconds to leave the building, if not, you will die.
-If it is red, you have 1 second to leave the building, or you get 25DMG every second.

Timing need to be improved. Everything works when I checked it last time with my teammate on our I hope so it will be working now too :D


Is almost ready


SDM Mutator:

Firefight with PUGS mutator:




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