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Welcome back to Lower love LS11 player
half a year has passed since the last update. We have long played in our network on the map, and every now and then found things that have bothered us or not looked so pretty, as we imagined it. So I've still got one hand down on my map, and changed several things. Since I will have only now only 4 weeks, no time (I'm getting married at 12.05. * Grin *) to build further on the map, I'll put in advance time to download. I wish you all a lot of fun deploy on the map when harvesting, plowing, cultivating, seeding, fertilizing, or just driving around.
To the modders among you, thank you again for the great mods that appear again and again. Without this, the game was already dead before it would show up at all. It's amazing how much love and patience, you always build things, and brings out. Let you endmutigen of the kiddies do not copy your mods. More can not yet anyway. A current full credits list is compiled from my degree and then released. My thanks to you however before that.
Check out the videos of me on the map. Much of the explanation and you can see the details better!
Features of the Real World vs. Playable V4 in the overview.
- Standard types of fruit plus rye, potatoes and sugar beets.
- Used manure and Mistmod. You see manure and manure on the fields.
- Milk itself can be left or picked up from the truck.
- Cow pasture installed by Black Burner.
- Full walk-timbered farmhouse along the lines of Lower Saxony.
- 2 and 3 outdoor silos silos for silage and grass cover on the Farm (marked on the PDA) for temporary storage for the cows. Interim storage capacity for 1050m3 725m3 grass and silage.
- Two large halls for the farm unit plus two other halls in the country.
- Seed Hall, from which one can refer to the bucket all grain crops and also tilt. In addition, standard seed triggers in the middle of the hall.
- Interactive and unloading at the court at the mill with MapDoorTrigger.
- Fertilizermod with and without the conveyor belt in the area of ??seed fertilizer Hall.
- MapDoorTrigger in all important doors.
- Biogas plant Headshot with storage facilities for equipment.
- Landscape design for small-Saxon models.
- Many cinematics in the map: fly airplanes, drive cars on the roads, driving ships at sea. Windmills and windmill turn, viewpoints with Münzferngläsern
- Curse Play / Abfahrhelferfreundliche Map
- Large network of roads with dirt roads, forest trails, bicycle and pedestrian routes, traffic signs, two villages with names
- Prepared for the DLC Packs include 3 positions for wind generators, space for greenhouses at the nursery, on the harbor slipway to water
- 57 fields of 0.5 to 7 acres, 50 pastures, partially fenced.
- Sales and Ablademöglichkeiten:
Raiffeisen mill wheat, barley, canola, rye
Expanding the harbor: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sand, rye
Expanding the Nord on port: sugar beet, potatoes
Jever Brewery: wheat, barley, rye
Nursery: Grass
Dairy: Milk
Biogas plant: corn, grass, straw bale processing
Hall of straw on the farm: straw bales to money
Cow pasture feeder ring: Straw bales of money
Required mods for the full functionality of this map: - Planet LS - Planet LS
Prospects for further versions of the map:
As I wrote earlier, the map is rebuilt continuously expanded and changed. I will keep Keep it up. I like something or not, it gets ripped out. Currently I have not found the time to incorporate the sand and fitted with trigger functions. It is now high on the list. Also, I would like to improve the texture of the court and convert to DDS. However, I have no knowledge nor there, I would have to acquire to me once. What I also do not like about the scenery, the outdoor area. There I will soon be similar to Lowpolyhügeln and begin to make the visible area outside the actual map visually beautiful. The third major point is still the idea of ??a moving local train in the back of the head. However, I have no place on the map and my claims would then also the case that both villages would need a train station and the train there would have to hold. How and whether this is feasible and visually appealing, I do not know yet.





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Well I hope you enjoy the games,
of Stormi

Changelog V4 in detail:
The first makes the desired of all the farm MapDoorTrigger V2 and all the halls. In addition to some rather unusual places. Thus, to get the farm in the drive-through barn, a pit for vehicle maintenance. The grain swamp on the farm got a movable cover, which is open to be able to unload. The same applies to the sales office at the mill, which was rebuilt after photos from the port of Linden in Hanover. There, you can even put the trailer on a moving ramp at an angle and then unload. That does not work with every trailer equally well. We find there's a better solution, and each player must decide for themselves whether the feature can be used or.
The Josera feed silo was erected next to the barn with us. There you can buy now with the associated food and feed trailer.
Potatoes and turnips were again revised to now 100% sure to look properly at the harvest. However, our Grimme potato harvester drawn still will not like us, otherwise we might have to release it with. We will continue working on it.
The biogas plant has been given a shelter for straw bales, in which we store our round bales until processed in the biogas plant to power.
The PDA was also adapted and provided with hectares.
There are now beam back to the points from the farm and biogas plant, to the dealer and the gravel pit and back.
The manure pit was moved to the barn.
The farm was once again completely revised, has now received new windows and a floor plate. In addition, a hipped roof and a chimney.
We now have a compromise for the wind turbines found. 3 units are set up for 3 more space when one is the DLC has to do so.
All details in the small video.


Ich danke allen Moddern der Gebäude und Gimiks, die ich verbaut habe. Besonders möchte ich mich bei folgenden Moddern besonders:
- Dennis Busch, dessen Zaun ich immer noch liebe *lach*
- dem Modder der Alexhallen, die sind echt nice
- Dem Reetdachhaus Erbauern, das Haus hat einen Ehrenplatz an der Küste bekommen.
- meinen Kids im Netzwerk, die jede Ecke der Map mindestens schon 5x gefahren sind.
- Headshot und allen Moddern von für ihre tollen Arbeiten
- Der Modding-Society für Ihren MapDoorTrigger
- Dem Eifok-Team für den Fertilizer Mod
- Dem Eifok-Team für die Waage
- LS-UK for the real nice manure mod, impressive works, thanks a lot guys
Den vielen Mapbauern, deren Ideen und „Howto“ ich mir abgeschaut hab.

Und natürlich ein Danke an alle anderen Modder, Spieler und Entwickler dieses Spieles und der Webseiten dazu. Es macht nach 3, 4 Wochen Abstinenz immer wieder Spaß mal wieder rein zu gucken


  • 26 Apr 08:09
    Version 4.0



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Author: Stormbringer
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description in shop: Eine Oumage an Niedersachsen

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V 4.0
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  1. Johny 1996 29. 04 2012

    ist die was für low pc´s

  2. Johny 1996 26. 04 2012

    Ist die was für low pc´s??

  3. scania142 26. 04 2012

    downloading rigth now,i have v3,0 and that was a great map cant vait to try this map
    10/10 from me

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