Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack FIN+SP

V 4.4 mod for Spintires

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Version 4.4 + Sp


- Added new lush Christmas trees. Optional Optional. (Active by default).

- Fixed headlights on cars and headlights on cranes to warmer tones.




- Returns the game to natural colors


- Removes stains on the camera

- Removes noise at night

- Make the trees in the game fluffy

- Changes the grass in the game to a more natural

- Removes the ridiculous red cast from all plants

- Replaces the winch rope with a natural one

- Changes the weather with a smooth daily routine

- Makes beautiful sky and clouds

- Makes water realistic

- Corrects the ground surfaces of the game

- Fixed more than 140 textures, I don't see the point in listing them all


- Makes dust more realistic and there are options to choose from

- There are 6 different types of logs

- ReShade is available with the best customized filters


- Changes the appearance of stones

- Changes the appearance of the bump buffer

- Tweaked many textures

- There are new dashboard options

- It is possible to make the compass transparent


- There is a choice of clouds

- Various night options

- Options to choose from: young month, full moon, no moon

- It is possible to remove dirt parts from the wheels


- Ability to select realistic water splashes

- Corrects headlights to white and adjusts the rest of the vehicle lighting


- Turn off streetlights during the day

- Turn off extra headlights in cars during the day


Cars and Addons

- The original grilles (Ural 4320, Ural 432010, Gaz 66, UAZ 3151, KamAZ 65111, KamAZ 65115, KamAZ 4310, MAZ 6317, Kraz 255, Zil 131) work properly in multiplayer mode

- 5 cars returned to the game menu, removed by developers: 2 cars A-968M, C-4320, C-65115, D-535


- Many cars have additions that were not registered before (long resolution, autonomous crane, platform with crane)


- Also, most cars have additional tanks added


- Fixed wheels UAZ 3151 and Ural 432010 in the terrain


- Performance and other characteristics of the car are not affected


- Zil 130 and Kamaz 65115 differential is connected


American trucks plus

- All American cars have improved traction without increasing power


- GMC DW950: supercharger installed, new texture on headlights, constant differential, increased steering angle.

- Ford LTL9000 supercharger installed.

- Freightliner FLD120 repair parts installed.


Ridge DLC Plus

- D-538, B-6A increased off-road capability and engine performance.

- Added B-6A and tanker hook points. Added trailer.




- It is possible to turn on branch physics


- It is possible to turn on the physics of stones

- It is possible to select the checkpoint of the point of intelligence

- Simplified garage menu for SpinTiresMod 1.9.1


-Remove on-screen labels

- Removes unnecessary labels: response, transfer, passed, distance and steering devices are used



Modell: Adega
Textur: Adega
Script: Adega
Idee / Konzept: Adega
Tester: Adega
Sonstige: Adega


  • 01 Jun 19:00
    Version 4.4



01.06 2021
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V 4.4
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