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V 0.3 mod for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Security forces have been ambushed whilst moving down to the next call sign, mount up and engage the Insurgents in the area. Red Ridge is a medium sized map set in a forgotten forest that the Insurgents have come to use as a forward operating base as it is away from prying eyes, sheltered and shrouded in darkness. The Insurgents gathered intel that a small squad of Security forces would be travelling down the Red Ridge highway and decided to ambush the Security forces that were unaware of the Insurgent presence in the area.

As an Insurgent you will spawn in a small hidden camp, buried deep within the forest and as a Security you will spawn in a secluded area next to your insertion vehicle.

  • Out manoeuvre and flank your enemies by using the dark corridors throughout the map
  • Opportunities to utilise your Ghillie suite and night vision goggles or torch attachments, use the darkness and dense foliage to your advantage
  • Fight amongst the flaming ruins of M1 Abram tanks, using the fire and smoke to your advantage
  • A mixture of short and long sightlines
  • A mixture of narrow and open areas
  • Use hidden routes that are only usable by crouching, going prone or sliding to get the jump on your enemy
  • Lots of good staging points for creating frontline engagements

Objective A: Creek

  • Objective A is located in a dried up creek bed, overlooked by two high paths on either side, remember to check up high

Objective B: Tanks

  • Objective B is located amongst the twisted metal of the destroyed tanks, use the tanks as cover and utilise smoke grenades. This location is great for setting up MG support.

Objective C: Bridge

  • Objective C is located on a small wooden bridge, but don't let the simple appearance fool you, this is a vicious sniper position

Map Project Name

  • "Forest_Ambush"


  • Domination

Lighting Scenario

  • Night


  • Red Ridge was made using only default Insurgency Sandstorm Art assets
  • Red Ridge is an entry to the Insurgency Mapping Contest



  • 27 Jan 00:36
    Version 0.3



02.01 2021
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