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Eco doesn't provide server admins with many options for respeccing other users without giving them admin, and it gives no options for decreasing specialty stars after they have been gained.

This mod adds 3 commands, all of which are under /skills.

RespecUser targetUser

Goes through and abandons each specialty that has been picked by the given user. This does not un-discover them, which means that using a skill scroll will not provide more land claim papers.
It also sets Self Improvement to level 1.

A popup box is displayed after the command is executed to let the user know they need to relog, as there will be GUI issues if they don't.


/skills RespecUser elec0

SetLevel level [targetUser]

Sets your level (or the targetUser if that is specified) to the given level number.
This allows you to decrease your specialty points if you accidentally gave yourself too many with /giveskillpoints or something similar.

Setting level to less than current does not remove specialties, but it will remove unspent stars.
User will need to re-gain EXP to previous point before new stars are earned if the level specified is less than their current one.


/skills SetLevel 10
/skills SetLevel 5, elec0

LevelUpSkill skillName, skillPoints, [targetUser]

Adds a specified amount of points to the given skill. This allows you to level up a skill to a specific point, unlike the /skills levelup, which maxes out a given skill.
You can also specify a different player to give them to.


/skills LevelUpSkill hunting, 100
/skills LevelUpSkill engineering, 10000, elec0


Extract Respec into /Mods folder, restart server.

Tested on Eco v0.9.2.4

Source code on Github



  • 26 Feb 19:34
    Version 1.0.0

    Initial version



06.02 2021
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