Resource Pack for almost broken pickaxes

V 1.13.2 mod for Minecraft

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how many times did I dig out at the cellar that my pickaxe broke down because I was just too deep in my mind or whatever. For those who do not understand, if I dig, and I'm certainly not the only one, then with efficiency 5 and hurry II of a beacon! Many surgical picks have broken. With this pack, the pick "turns" red from a shelf life of 60.




I use it for the Minecraft Verion 1.12 . Unfortunately, I can not say if it will work for older or future versions.




Optifine must be installed and the pack at the top, otherwise it will not work. All other textures stay as they are, only the texture of a pickaxe changes if it has less than 60 durability!




Have fun with the pack!



Best regards










  • 09 Jan 18:11
    Version 1.13.2

    - Eisenwerkzeuge hinzugefügt
    Diese werden ab einer Haltbarkeit von 20 rot.
    - Damit man die Werkzeuge ein wenig unterscheiden kann, habe ich ein paar Pixel der jeweiligen Tools verändert.
    Bei Eisen ein paar graue Pixel und bei Diamant ein paar blaue Pixel.



14.02 2018
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V 1.13.2
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