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This mod makes it so that items that give house XP other than lights (Due to game limitation would stop them being used outside) or rugs (They already consume floor space) will use up an amount of the room m3 that is available, this is intended to add some additional realism to the game so that rooms are not crammed full with no ability to move in them.

Copy the respective Normal, Hard or Dr Evil folder into Mods\UserCode\ so you end up with a folder like Mods\UserCode\Furniture-m3Normal

Do not install more than one m3 at a time!

Three versions of the mod currently exist Normal, hard (formerly called evil) and Dr Evilwith the below stats on normal furniture with Hard then being a 50% increase and Dr Evil 100%, the stats are to roughly give space for the physical item then your character to be in the area around them)

For any assistance please message me on Eco official discord or Eco Modding discord Mishka#1337 or on my own servers discord

  • Ashlar Small Fountain 8m3
  • Ashlar Large Fountain 48m3
  • Beds 9-18m3
  • Benches 6m3
  • Chairs 4m3
  • Couch 8m3
  • Icebox 8m3
  • Fireplace 18m3 (6m3 Physical and then 12m3 infront because you'd not place things directly infront of a fire)
  • Latrine 4m3 (Same as chair, need to stand infront of the thing then sit on it)
  • Mounts 4m3
  • Planters 4m3 (takes up 2m3 then stood infront of it to admire your pretty plants)
  • Statues 4-24m3
  • Table 10m3 (takes up 4m3 itself then 6m3 used along two of its edges)




30.04 2022
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