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Star Wars: Frontier Assault is a Total Conversion mod bringing the Star Wars universe to Insurgency: Sandstorm!

NOTE: This is an alternate version of the Star Wars: Frontier Assault mod where we test the latest features before implementing into the main build. You can help us out by playtesting this mod and providing feedback so we can make it better!

You can install the main version of the Frontier Assault mod here:

How do you play the mod?

Players: Join any of our official or community run servers by searching for 'Frontier Assault' or "Star Wars' etc. in the server browser and the mod will download and install automatically. You may subscribe to the mod to receive updates as soon as you launch the game.

Server Owners: Enter in the following mod ID:2011237 into your Mods.txt document and add the following mutator into your FrontierAssault server command line.

Local Play: For those who want to play on local play enter in the following console command which you can modify to change the map, faction and lighting scenario: Open Canyon?Scenario=Scenario_Crossing_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?Mutators=FrontierAssault

Insurgency: Sandstorm Server Admin Guide
For additional help on how to run a server & for the list of official map names please refer to New World Interactive's official server admin guide here:

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