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Alright, so i have put this together, (Sorry in advance if your mod showcases on here just let me know if you don't want it on there and ill remove it)

This is an open source repo for outdated/possibly no longer updated mods that alot of people seem to want, I will however not be doing any unity work, if someone wants to then thats fantastic! Even if the old mod creators wish to share the unity stuff thats even better!

Its called "The Great Collective" Anyone is welcome to help maintain it, help keep it updated or even ask for new mods to be added (The must be open source)

Current Mods (Not sure if all are updated already but hope it helps those looking for them)

NyElectrics - Original Mod
Seed Barrel - Original Mod
Lucky Pickaxes - Original Mod
Conveyor Belts - Original Mod

Each Download below is a Different Mod,


Each Download unzips into the UserCode Folder

Anyone Else is also welcome to add their Own mods to it to allow others to help them keep them updated! All Credits Given where credits are due




11.12 2021
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