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This mod customizes the colour of the game's UI. To get more themes, download the previous versions. New updates would be coming soon, adding more new fascinating themes.

If you want to play mods, you can play mods in any of the two ways.

1-By mod.io subscription.
1)Create a new account on mod.io if you didn't create it yet.
2)Verify your account on email and start subscribing to the mods which you want to play.
3)Open aground and click on the "mods" category in the aground's title page.
4)Click "Login to Mod.io" then enter the email by which you had created the mod.io account.
5)A 5digit code would be sent to your email, enter that and enjoy the mods!

2-By downloading the mod files.
1)Download the mod files of those mods which you want to play by clicking the download button.
2)A zip would be downloaded, extract its file content. A folder would come out of that.
3)Paste that folder into the aground's mod file. If you are a steam user then you would find aground's mod file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\keyborad\Aground\data\mods.
4)Once you have pasted the mod file in the aground mod folder then you can start enjoying the mod!

For more information join the discord server!
Aground Official server - https://discord.com/invite/Aground
Aground Modding server - https://discord.com/invite/ZDyYpTE

If you want to make a suggestion or report a bug, feel free to write it in the comment section or mention it in the discord server.
Enjoy this mod!




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