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Sometimes it can be difficult to access iron ore, due to the location of quarry deposits and the extent of your territory. This mod allows villagers to construct underground mines in any location. This is not as efficient as mining from iron quarries, and it requires inputs to build and maintain the tunnels. However it will yield small amounts of iron ore to be used in making tools, weapons and barrels.

Each metre of new tunnel requires 1 wood, 1 plank, and 1 candle. There is a 15% chance of generating 1 unit of iron ore for each metre of tunnel that the miners build. Digging the tunnel creates mining spoil (the soil and rock that must be removed from the tunnel). Spoil is removed from the tunnel by a worker who takes it to a Spoil Heap. If you fail to remove the mining spoil, eventually the miners will stop working.

Candles can be obtained from the Monastery beekeepers, or from the Livestock mod.

The underground mine unlocks at 20 villagers and is found in the Resource Production menu.




15.12 2021
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