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A lot of players assume Aground must be a platformer because of the side-scrolling view, and on this toxic planet, it really is! Jump dangerous pit traps, explore a large metroidvania-style level, upgrade your jumpsuit to progress further and discover more of what the planet has to offer!


Long ago, due to poisonous gases, a planet called Venometo was destroyed. You must help Rein, the researcher of this planet, explore a mysterious and dangerous planet. Use the power of the jumpsuit to jump over traps, kill enemies, and explore hidden places!
Seuden 809 has two planets. Seuden 809a, Seuden 809d (Venometo). Venometo is the major planet, with vast platformer realms, traps, and enemies. Seuden 809a is a minor planet, having asteroids floating in orbit and in the air!

Venometo is open from the beginning. To start the story, simply enter the spaceship anchored in Venometo orbit. Please note that you cannot enter directly under the orbit.





02.10 2020
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