Addon for Emblems and Cabin Lighting for Trucks

V 9.7 Addon mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2

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This add-on to the Interior Lights & Emblems mod, this add-on ensures that you can activate the interior lighting with the beacon key instead of activating with the low beam. This add-on is provided upon request because some people find this feature more enjoyable.


You need the original mod for the addon to work:


Truck support:


Scania RS & R4 (RJL),

Scania T&T4 (RJL),

Volvo FH16 2013 (Ohaha),

MAN TGA (Madster),

Ford F-Max (Simülasyon TÜRK),

Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 (Actros 5 Crew),

Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 (Dotec),

MAN TGX E6 from Gloover, next generation Scania PGR S (Eugene),

Volvo FH 2020 by KP TruckDesign Rework (Sanax)



You need interior accessories DLC




Copy the downloaded file to the mod folder and connect it in the mod manager.


For game version 1.47.x


Author: Braakie [RJB]


Modell: Braakie [RJB]
Textur: Braakie [RJB]
Script:Braakie [RJB]
Idee / Konzept: Braakie [RJB]
Tester:Braakie [RJB]
Sonstige: Braakie [RJB]


  • 24 May 23:37
    Version 9.7 Addon



24.05 2023
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V 9.7 Addon
Eurotruck Simulator 2
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