Owned Trailers No Country Restriction [1.43]

V 1.0 update auf 1.43 mod for American Truck Simulator

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Some owned trailers are not allowed in some countries. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem as there still should be quite a few countries left where those particular owned trailers are allowed. But the problem is the way those trailers are restricted: default by chosing the allowed countries from only the countries that are released by SCS. This means that it is not possible to drive owned trailers restricted to certain countries released by SCS in map mods that contain other countries.
With this mod it is possible to drive in all countries with owned trailers. Without restriction.


Modell: Vinnie Terranova
Textur: Vinnie Terranova
Script:Vinnie Terranova
Idee / Konzept: Vinnie Terranova
Tester:Vinnie Terranova
Sonstige: Vinnie Terranova


  • 21 Dec 02:50
    Version 1.0 update auf 1.43


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    by mods80
    ago about 1 month


21.12 2021
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V 1.0 update auf 1.43
American Truck Simulator
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