FIX FOR MAN TGA V1.6 (older version) [1.37.X]

V 1.4 mod for Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Small temporary fix addon for MAN TGA v1.6

Changes v1.1
- Tachometer sticks at 1000rpm
- Raindrops on side windows

Changes v1.0
- Openable windows
- EVR's sound adapted to FMOD
- pmg format adapted to 1.35 & higher

You need original v1.6.

Link 1 Fix v1.1:

Link 2 Original Truck v1.6:


Modell: Mondo.N
Textur: Mondo.N
Script: Mondo.N
Idee / Konzept: Mondo.N
Tester: Mondo.N
Sonstige: Mondo.N


  • 20 Nov 21:46
    Version 1.4

    FIX FOR MAN TGA V1.4 [1.39.X]

    Changes from 20.11.20
    - Reduced turbocharger sound.
    - Dealership problem is fixed ( by your mod environment, two TGA trucks shows. But it's normal behavior) .

    Fix adapts MAN TGA from MADster to work on game version 1.39.x
    - Added window animation
    - Sounds adapted to FMOD

    Put above the main mod

    Link 1 Fix:

    Link 2 Truck:

  • 12 Nov 20:03
    Version 1.3

    FIX FOR MAN TGA V1.3 [1.39.X]

    MAN TGA - the main and most popular series of main tractors of the German company MAN SE until 2008, the TGA line became the basis for the design of the heavy series MAN TGS. MAN TGA tractors were produced in various modifications, the range of TGA engines varies from 280 to 660 hp, and the wheelbase is up to 8 × 8, however the most popular options are 4 × 2 and 6 × 4.
    The MAN TGA mod turned out to be quite high-quality and at the same time not demanding on the resource of the system; when developing the mod, professionally made 3D models were taken as the basis.

    Features truck MAN TGA:
    - A great looking MAN TGA
    - A REAL and good looking interior
    - All default accessories
    - All default skins
    - Chassis: 4x2 / 6x2 - midlift / 6x2 - taglift / 6x4 / 8x4 (with liftable axle)
    - Two interior types Grey / Black dashboard
    - Two types of bumper Road / Heavy
    - Plastic bumpers available for both setups
    - Cab Accessories DLC compatible
    - And a lot of special addons

    Changes by Mondo.N for 1.39.x:
    - Added window animation
    - Sounds adapted to FMOD
    - adapted to the latest game patch 1.39
    - Fixed tachometer problem

    Link 1 Truck:

    Link 2 Fix:

  • 18 Aug 10:19
    Version 1.2

    FIX FOR MAN TGA V1.2 [1.38.X]

    Fix adapts MAN TGA from MADster to work on game version 1.38.x
    - Added window animation
    - EVR sounds adapted to FMOD
    Put above the main mod

    Link 1 Fix:

    Link 2 Truck:

  • 19 May 20:21
    Version 1.1




19.05 2020
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