Freightliner FLD by odd_fellow

V update auf 1.47 mod for American Truck Simulator

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1.5.5 update changelog:
- Mod is now officially ERROR free. There are some occasional texture compression warnings, but does not have any impact on gameplay, fps or whatever.
- Every pm pm model has been updated to the latest version.
- Log will not be whining about camera azimuths anymore.
- Sidesteps moved to.

First of all, if you like my mods and really want to endorse, become my patron on Your support matters. I'll be making more high quality content with your support.

If you do not want to pay for it, here's my PayPal:

I will not be bothered. I can not wait to see what's going on.

If you play ETS2 and notice crashes while in truck config menu, it may be related to missing Accessories DLC. I could not reproduce this crash on my setup / never had any problems with it.

You can buy it at Kenworth (ATS) or Renault (ETS2) dealership. UV template included in the archive.

Tested on 1.28.x game version. It may conflict with my previous Classic XL mod, so remove it before activating FLD. You have been warned!

SPECIAL THANKS TO MY SUPPORTERS in no special order (both Patreon and PayPal):
Rick Eggers
Thomas Parham
Evgeny Shmidt
Jared Jackson
Joseph Thorne

Now comes the boring part.


This mod is not available. Reuploading, reselling, reclaiming ownership, unauthorized modifying, in other words, changing a few things and calling it your mod is strictly prohibited, you will receive a report and uploaded file will be removed.

Have fun!



Modell: odd_fellow
Textur: odd_fellow
Script: odd_fellow
Idee / Konzept: odd_fellow
Tester: odd_fellow
Sonstige: odd_fellow


  • 24 May 18:16
    Version update auf 1.47

    Freightliner FLD - 1.47

    Freightliner FLD update

    Adapted for 1.47+ patches

    odd_fellow,Harven,Lucasi,Pauly, SMRS

  • 20 Oct 01:03
    Version update auf 1.45

    Freightliner FLD - 1.45

    Buy at the Freightliner Dealer
    Tested on ATS
    1.45 will not work on older game versions

    Harven,Lucasi,Odd_fellow gave full permission to add his FLD to the workshop.
    Fully gone thru and tested with no errors but like all mods conflicts may occur on your end depending what mods you use.

    Updated October 17 2022
    Fx windows error
    Compressed mod from 700 to 200mb

    Also supports SisL Cabin accessories

    by Harven
    Extensive cleaning of the clutter, warnings and errors, wipers and mirrors, OpenGL, continous updating
    Minor file editing and new icons by Lucasi

    by Faster
    Update materials accesorys and new anims

  • 22 Jul 04:42
    Version 2.7

    Freightliner FLD v2.7 - 1.44/1.45

    Update 2.7:
    Updated engine sounds with better quality

    NOTE: Back up and keep the old version (to change it back) if you don’t like this one.

    Updated by SMRS(Bananas)Original credits: odd_fellow and others

  • 05 Dec 23:45
    Version 2.0 (upd. 05.12.18)

    Changelog [upd: 05.12.18]:
    - Updated to 1.33

    - Standalone;
    - Find in Kenworth;
    - 2 cabins;
    - 1 version of the chassis;
    - 14 engines (in place of the engine, the nameplate on the door changes);
    - 6 transmissions;
    - own interior (2 options);
    - Own sounds (several options, depending on the brand of the engine);
    - Own wheels;
    - There are own skins;
    - Supports advanced coupler;
    - Support for DLC Cabin Accessories and SISL Mega Pack;
    - Many tuning and accessories.

  • 21 Mar 20:16
    Version 2.0

    FREIGHTLINER FLD (UPD:07.03.18) V2.0 [1.30.x]

    Standalone model

    It is purchased in the salons of Kenworth
    - Your own interior
    - Their sounds
    - Tuning (exterior - interior)
    - Adaptation to Accessories DLC (preferably DLC accessories and SISL pack)
    - Template included

    - completely corrected all the errors, but like all the modes, it can conflict with other established modes
    - cleaning the log (warnings and errors), also added steering wheel adjustments and animation of the trailer brake valve
    - small file editing and new icons
    - skins

  • 04 Sep 17:24
    Version 1.5.5


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04.09 2017
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