International 9900i Tuning Pack v1.0

V 1.0 mod for American Truck Simulator

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There are a couple modifications for aesthetic such as the option for a 300 gallon tank set forward with steps, make sure to choose the appropriate sideskirt to keep from clipping the two accessories. There is an option to use the sideskirts with the exposed def tank on the 72″ full sleeper instead of just the daycab, however this modification adds a tool box behind the tank. There is an option to add steps to the rear-set 300 gallon tank. There is currently a behind-the-cab exhaust mount option which adds dual stock pipes behind the sleeper, eventually a single pipe option will be added.

Some features are planned, but the goal of this pack is not to increase the “custom” potential of the truck but rather to add more commonly seen work accessories to it. I have no plans to make any sort of “custom” accessories.

Planned features:
Dirty 5th wheel
Daycab updates (existing accessory compatibility w/ daycab, as well as single axle frame option)
Interior (further details such as CB mic/cord as well as new accessory slot for GPS/phone on air vent.)


Modell: captainrampage
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    Version 1.0



22.07 2022
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V 1.0
American Truck Simulator
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