PETERBILT 387 V1.3.136 [UPD: 02.02.20] 1.36.X

V 1.3.2 mod for American Truck Simulator

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Adaptation to the current version of American Truck Simulator one of the best old mods. So to say, my belated gift to respected forum users for the New Year.
All detected bugs and shortcomings are eliminated, with the maximum preservation of the mod’s copyright appearance. The log is clean.
A full list of fixes, as well as known shortcomings, see below under the spoiler.
The archive with the mod also includes templates for creating your own skins, as well as several add-ons previously published in the mod theme.

For the mod to work in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the different files are collected in a separate archive, connected above the main mod for American Truck Simulator.

The list of changes regarding v.1.3.136:
- updated registration to adapt to the game version 1.36
- added registration to agency orders, including special version for oversized transport
- Updated PMG / PMA file format to version 506d6715
- registration updates and on-board computer error correction
- improved compatibility with localized component names
- the old version of sounds is returned back from v.1.2, with registration updates and minor edits

Interior model edits:
- tinted windows of the sleeping bag for Midroof and Sleeper cabs and the rear window on the Daycab cab
- on the interior of the Midroof cab, the handles of the cabinets are returned and the gap in the floor under the sofa is repaired
- Improved settings for wood, plastic, instrument glass
- corrections and additions for interior tuning (coordinates of locators corrected, added locators toybig, toystand, toyseat from DLC Cabin - - - Accessories, new slots on set_dashbrd on the seat, in the sleeping bag and on cabinets for cabins Midroof and Sleeper; renamed slots on the glass and on the table on set_glass / set_dashbrd respectively - in the registration and in the model, the extra registration in addon_hookups was removed to remove duplicate components)
- Locators for tuning parts visible through the rear windows of the cab have been added to the Daycab cab interior model: (exhaust pipes, fairing, trailer cables)
- added int_light accessory for interior light, which is included instead of a flashing beacon
- Added transponder accessory for weight travel (WPASS), installed in slots on the windshield (just an accessory, without functioning)

Edits by registration and by accessory model of CB radio:
- the walkie-talkie and the cord are registered in one object, there is no need to put the cord separately.
- fixed the position of the walkie-talkie, improved settings for chromium materials
- the slot under the radio on the panel is reserved for installing the tachograph (only in the version for Euro Truck Simulator 2)
- Walking camera for Midroof and Sleeper cabs is moved to a separate addon.

Animation Edits:
- highlighted in separate animation files for air manometers, differential temperature sensors and transmissions, now they show what they should show.
- Added upper steering column cover for interior options with 2nd generation appliances.
- removed a randomly flying artifact in the view from the cabin (a small black rectangle).
- the steering wheel has been moved out to tuning and a registration package has been added to a separate addon for compatibility with the DLC Steering Creations Pack

- model editing to support metallic paint on DX11
- added stock colors from Peterbilt 579 from SCS
- rewritten definitions of lights (flares) for the current version of the game, updates and corrections of registration of the head light
- edits on the head optics (materials, lightmasks), in particular, the yellow dimensions in the stock headlights were returned back, flares were added to the side direction indicators and Projection headlights
- Added daytime running lights installed in slots on the front bumper
- Added support for trailer cables (with individual models)
- added red warning flags on the front wings and the OVERSIZE banner to accessories
- default numbers are made removable and taken out in separate accessories
- added physics for almost all options for rear mudguards (except for one, due to limitations of the game engine)

Corrections and improvements to tuning details:
- added a shadow to the Daycab cab fairing model
- Locators for beacon mounting brackets added to the Midroof cab
- auxiliary power unit (on the right side of the frame behind the cab) for Midroof and Sleeper cabs is re-textured and put into tuning
- some tuning details were returned back from the previous version of the mod (v.1.2) (slots for lamps on chromed rear wings, model of a steel bumper without a kenguryat)
- Improved material settings for some of the chrome parts

- unfortunately, in order to correct the errors of the author’s version, I had to sacrifice the animation of the adjustable steering column (it was made using skeletal animation technology, and the game completely refused to correctly accept the file changed in Zanoze). If someday in the future anyone can accurately restore it, honor and praise be to him! See also the "! For modders!" Folder in the archive with the mod.
- there is no way to make transponder indicators operational


Ch_Vitalik is an external model.

Kirilloid22 - refinement of the external model, external tuning, sounds, textures, refinement of the bortovik.

Dmitry68 - engines, gearbox.

Gosha Motor - interior, alteration of textures of an external model, tuning, wheels, animation (completely new).

Solaris36 - US and Canada license plate models.

vitalik062 - a set of registration license plates of different countries of Europe.

il_86 - update the mod to the current version of the game, bug fixes, revision.


  • 17 Nov 14:18
    Version 1.3.2

    [ATS] PETERBILT 387 V1.3.2 (UPD 17.11.20) [1.39]

    Changelog v1.3.2 (17.11.20)
    adaptation for 1.39 taking into account the changes in sounds.

    corrections of the dimension mapping on the Projection headlights. From 1.39 onwards, the Proection headlights are orange by default in ATS and white in ETS2.
    For owners of the Classic Stripes Paintjobs Pack DLC, one paint has been added (in my opinion, this is the only one that matches the paint of the trailer and the shape of the cabin).

    added third variant of CB radio station - President Herbert 96.
    fixed broken font on watch.

    The same as in the previous edition of the mod.

    The legendary American truck with a very high-quality model and textures.

    - Standalone;
    - 3 cabins;
    - 5 chassis;
    - Support for advanced hitch;
    - Cable support;
    - 7 engines
    - 26 gearboxes Mack mDrive, Allison, Eaton Fuller and Meritor MaxiTorque;
    All engines and gearboxes with original parameters

    - several options for the interior;
    - 3 display options on the dashboard;
    - Baked textures with high resolution;
    - A complete set of wheels and tires with ATS;
    - Realistic sound;
    - Support for DLC Cabin Accessories

    Test version 1.39

    In the archive
    Peterbilt_387_v1.3.139_ets2.scs truck
    Peterbilt_387_v.1.3.139_addon_ETS2_mirrors_FOV.scs Add the hood mirrors add-on in ETS2 above all mods
    Peterbilt_387_v.1.3.139_addon_license_plates_EU.scs Addon adds European numbers
    Peterbilt_387_v.1.3.139_addon_walker_camera.scs walking camera (for fans)
    Peterbilt_387_v.1.3.139_SiSL's Mega Pack_compatibility.scs Addon adding support for SiSL's Mega Pack

  • 13 Jul 00:10
    Version 1.3.137C

    PETERBILT 387 V1.3.137C [1.38.X]

    Update 12.07.20

    Improvements and fixes to the previously published version of the mod.
    Full list of fixes, as well as known bugs
    multiple edits to the materials and textures of chrome parts to improve their appearance.
    added a chrome version of the rear fenders.
    for the Midroof and Sleeper cabs, a chrome tool box is added on the frame to the left behind the cab.
    added plastic side skirts for the Midroof cab option, added a template for them.
    minor texture and mapping fixes for Midroof and Sleeper cabins, updated template.
    changes in the patterns of shadows.

    added two models of 2DIN tape recorders (with CD-drive), one of them is also added in the version with GPS or in Apple CarPlay mode (in this case, the IPhone Navigator is also installed immediately).
    minor texture fixes.
    The same as in the previous version of the mod.

    Tested on the game version: 1.37. x. s and 1.38 Steam Public Beta.

  • 07 May 02:33
    Version 1.3.137B

    PETERBILT 387 1.3.137B [UPD:05.05.20] 1.37.X

    Update 05.05.20
    Minor corrections to the previously published version of the mod.
    For a full list of fixes, as well as known bugs, see below under the spoiler.For game version 1.36:

    edits the material of the lower insert of the instrument panel made of black plastic.
    removed artifacts from the sticker textures on the side Windows.
    removed outdated and unused parts in the registration code of the onboard computer, fixed the text template for the indicator of enabled transmission in the exclusive version of the cabin.
    the tape recorder is made removable and added several models to choose from in various form factors.
    changes to the tachograph model (in the version for Euro Truck Simulator 2).
    several versions of the operating instructions have been added to the accessories on the dashboard (int_acc).
    added a second version of the CB radio station-Midland Alan 100 Plus in various installation options.
    edits to the iPhone Navigator model, added a second version.

    edits to deflector and fly swatter materials.
    added additional slots for the kangaroo house.
    the hood_acc mascot locator was renamed hood to improve compatibility with localized component names.

    added additional options gear ratios of the main transmission 10 and 13 and 18-speed gearbox.
    for the gallery of tractors, a truck is registered in the configuration with a sleeper cab.
    updates of registration of trucks in orders of agencies and dealers based on the results of the changes made.
    For game version 1.37 (only American Truck Simulator):

    sounds of interior elements are registered from the default Peterbilt 579. There are no special differences, just for the sake of order.
    updated registration truck_config_scene.sii in accordance with the game updates after the release of Mack Anthem.

    The same as in the previous version of the mod.
    Tested on the game version: 1.36.x. s (Euro Truck Simulator 2, but should also work in American Truck Simulator) and 1.37.x.s (only American Truck Simulator).
    The next update is planned for both games only under their version 1.37, while a full-fledged adaptation for Euro Truck Simulator 2 V. 1.37 is also planned.

  • 09 Mar 00:03

    PETERBILT 387 [UPD:08.03.20] 1.36.X

    Minor corrections to the previously published edition of the mod. Further, in the work plans for adaptation to beta 1.37 regarding the new "chips" that appeared in it (except for sound, the question is still open on it).
    A complete list of corrections, as well as known shortcomings, see below.

    - in the version for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the height of the fifth wheel coupling has been adjusted so that the semitrailer "lies" with the supporting part on the plane of the saddle.
    - Fixed registration of the sound of the engine brake.
    - The rear-view mirrors are adapted to the new physics (command "g_phys_mirrors 1").
    - hood rearview mirrors are made separately installed.
    - increased the number of slots for accessories on the windshield.

    The same as in the previous edition of the mod.

    Files from the archive are placed in the MODS folder, connected to the profile with priority according to the instructions in the description of each file.

    Before connecting the latest update, ALWAYS remove the front mirrors from all purchased cars of this modification.

  • 02 Mar 00:28

    PETERBILT 387 [UPD:29.02.20] 1.36.X

    Additional improvements to the previously published version of the mod.

    Full list of fixes, as well as known

    external flaws:
    added plastic wings of the "parlock" type for work with a barrel / dump truck / container ship.
    in the kangaroo version with empty slots, additional slots were added to the radiator grille (for example, for ADR plates). It is recommended to use these grooves only with conventional radiator linings (grille 1 ... 3), there may be inconsistencies on others.
    the ETS2 version adds a framework for license plates generated by the game.


    minor edits to interior models (shadows, materials).
    added corner stickers on the side windows (15 options), in the version for the left (LH) and right (RH) doors. For ease of installation, use a filter for these conditions.
    tuning elements have been added to a separate add-on, which may require additions to the DLC interior: curtains with tassels on the front and side windows (8 color options), Pennant and cap with the Peterbilt symbol. Due to the differences between internal and external models of the interior, the installation of blinds is carried out through the slots (Central, left door, right door). For door corners, versions for left (LH) and right doors (RH) are provided. For convenience, also use a filter for these conditions during installation.
    Known bugs:

    the same as in the previous version of the mod.
    Tested on game version: 1.36.X. s

  • 21 Feb 01:37

    PETERBILT 387 [UPD:19.02.20] 1.36.X

    UPD: 19.02.20
    Full fix list

    + The price for the light bar for Sleeper cab is fixed, additional slots above the visor are added to set the upper light.
    + In the registration, the agency’s orders contain internal lighting on versions of tracks for ordinary transportations (i.e., on non-equipped beacons).
    + Added file to improve compatibility with SiSL's Mega Pack mod.
    + minor edits on the materials.


    + Fixed errors displaying raindrops on the upper left window of the sleeping bag in Sleeper cab.
    + Edits on hood mirrors:
    + mirrors are divided into left and right (but remained in the same accessory), are installed in versions both together and separately.
    + Added a second version of the hood mirrors to control the angles of the front bumper.
    Note: In Euro Truck Simulator 2, hood mirrors do not work correctly, therefore, to fix this bug, a separate addon with corrected FOV values ??has been added. Keep in mind that during its installation conflicts with other mods using the game_data.sii file are possible (for example, with maps, so carefully study the mods used before installation!)
    + Added beige interior options to all cabins. Now, for each of the cabins, taking into account all possible trim combinations, 24 interior options are available - with two types of upholstery (gray / beige), three types of decorative panels (wood / plastic / wood + plastic) and four types of appliances (standard / standard + BK / second generation / chrome finish). Changing the colors of the interior on the external model is also implemented as far as possible. Beige color options are also added for the corresponding accessories - curtains, a table on the panel.
    + Changed the texture of the upholstery of the sleeping bag.
    + Added curtains fastened to the windows of the sleeping bag.
    + In the version with chrome trim added chrome salaries for the right block of keys on the dashboard.
    + Added designations for the wiper operating modes (on the left steering column control).
    + complemented by animations:
    + keys of marker lights;
    + alarm keys;
    + keys to turn on the internal light / flashing beacon;
    + right steering column control (trailer brake control valve, it is also a "parachute");
    + retarder keys (a motor brake force selection button to the right of the motor brake key is assigned to it, a small artistic fiction for the sake of gameplay);
    + keys and differential lock indicator;
    + WPASS indicators;
    + warning / critical error indicators.
    + removed as further unnecessary accessory transponder for passage weight (WPASS).

    Before installing the mod, do not forget to remove it from your tracks, if it was installed earlier.
    + edits on the scale of the tachograph (in the version for Euro Truck Simulator 2)

    The same as in the previous version of the mod (with the exception of the fixes mentioned above).
    Tested on game version: 1.36.x.s

  • 02 Feb 22:47
    Version 1.3.136



02.02 2020
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