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I love the organic aspect of Foundation's house building system, but sometimes I want a street that is straighter and more organised, with a plot of land around each house. You can already accomplish this with fences and carefully painting residential zones. This mod makes it easier by giving you "frames" that are the right size for either just a house, or a house and garden. Houses are then built within the frames, keeping them more organised and evenly spaced.

How it works

  1. Choose a house plot to place. There are big ones with room for a house and two garden plots, or there are small ones just big enough for one house. You can also choose plots with or without a fence (three kinds of fence are included: rail, woven, and picket).
  2. Place multiple plots in patterns where you want houses to be built. Plots snap to each other to form streets.
  3. Add vegetable beds, poultry yards, or livestock to the snap points within the larger plots. Add your own optional fences if you didn't choose plots with fences.
  4. You can mix and match plots to create different layouts and to avoid the town looking too uniform.
  5. Now paint the entire area with the Residential Zone. If your villagers work nearby and need houses, they will start building houses in the area, filling up the plots.
  6. Assign workers to the gardens or animal yards.


  • Sometimes if you build a plot with a garden, the builders will make a path and ruin the building site before a house can be built. You can prevent this by blocking the house entrance with a fence, so that the builders only use the entrance nearest the garden. Once the house is being built, you can unblock the opposite entrance.
  • You don't have the use the snap points provided. Turn of snap (T) and be creative in how you lay out the plots and the vegetable beds. Just remember to leave room for the house within each plot.


  • 18 Nov 20:22
    Version 1.0.0

    First release


18.11 2020
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