Stone Gate Set V5

V 5.5.14 mod for Foundation

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Currently for game version or or

Needs the mod "Windows Decorations"



In 1.5:

If you have a load error, please:

1) Remove and install again the mods: "Windows Decorations", "Stone Gate Set V5", "Stone Gate Set V6" and "Harbour"

2) In the Edit list mods of your saved game (prior to launch it) remove these 4 mods from the list, and add again the mods "Stone Gate Set V6" and "Harbour".

If this still doesn't load, please contact me on Discord.

In 1.6:

If you have a load error, please read the log files under Polymorph Games/Foundation : foundation.log and modding.log

The checks of the Draw Bridges are still on going.


The version V5 of this mod contains:

- 6 building shapes: Main (40x60), Keep (40x40), Small squared tower (20x20), Large (40x40) and Small (20x40) gates and Octogonal tower.

- 2 draw bridges,

- options for stone or wooden floors, stairs, simple ramparts, hoardings, machicolations and roof (5 themes)

- decorations: doors, windows and flags.

This mod gives kingdom splendor, and has the same assignable functions as the vanilla lord manor.


The building method I anticipate is the following, but feel free to try any combination:

1) Set the core of a building to be added to a monument and adjust its height (pieces with the green arrows on Edit)

2.a) Add the simple ramparts (optional)

2.b) Add the wooden hoardings (optional, need the simple ramparts). For Keep, Main building and Octogonal tower the hoardings should be set on a rampart side. See the picture and the video "Hoardings".

2.c) Add stone machicolations (optional). For Keep and Main buildings set first the platform of machicolation (instead of the simple ramparts) and then set the right length of crenations on each side. See the video "Machicolations".

3) Add the roof (optional). If you wish a roof over machicolations for Keep, Main building or Octogonal tower, set first the platform for roof (see first part of the video "Chimney platform").

5) Add flags and decorations (optional). See video "Chimney platform" for chimney and dormer window.


Thank you all for your suggestions and supports. They make this mod better and better. All your feedbacks are still welcome !

If you appreciated this mod, feel free to donate to

I take your donation as a measurement of quality. Actually, as I live in a socialist country (France), I don't need extra money. Indeed you have other ways to show your interest: feedbacks, (positive or negative) a mere thumb, or better a picture or video of what you succeed to build with my mods.

If you wish to see my other creation:


  • 14 Jul 19:13
    Version 5.5.14

    Adjusts minimal height to 0


31.10 2019
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