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This mod replaces the newer flourish with the old one.

To install this mod:

1) First go to Mordhau.mod.io to install the clientside mod autoloader. Follow the instructions there. This will make using the mod and other clientside mods easier in the long run.

2) Select the install manually option to download the files. Copy and paste the .pak file into your Mordhau/Content/CustomPaks folder like you would any other clientside mod. If you do not have a CustomPaks folder already in Mordhau/Content then create one.

3) Open your Game.ini file located in <user>/appdata/local/mordhau/saved/config/windowsclient/game.ini.

4) Add the following lines, or add a new clientside mod entry if you already are using other client mods such as heartbeat mod, lutemod, or skin mod.


Or just add this line to the Autoloader section if you have other client mods.



04.02 2022
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