[Skin] Curved Hilt Lightsabers replace Rapiers

V 1.0.1 mod for MORDHAU

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This mod replaces the rapier handles with the curved-hilt lightsabers of Dooku, Bane, and Ventress, and the blades with red, blue, and green lightsaber blades.

Dooku's Saber: Caged Guard + Artisan Handle

Bane's Saber: Aristocrat Guard + Tenacious Handle

Ventress' Saber: Small Cup Guard + Robust Handle

This is a cosmetic mod that will be visible only for the player installing it. It replaces the rapier weapon.

It is not compatible with auto-download. Subscribing to it won’t make it available on your server/game.

To install it, download the file directly from here, and follow this guide : Mordhau.mod.io


  • 14 Jul 05:15
    Version 1.0.1

    Changed format to pak.


14.09 2019
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