Assign Soldier V4

V mod for Foundation

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Currently for game version 1.8

This mod needs the last Stone gate V8.

Note: I upgraded this mod for Security V2.0, but didn't check yet.

See the video for example of use.

You can choose the villager amongst soldier or guard (from the mod "Security". In that case you need to set the mod "Security" before "Soldier assignment" in the mod list of your game).

You have the option to define your own theme "Custom theme" by executing:

<your disk, likely C>:/users/<your name user>/Documents/Polymorph Games/Foundation/mods/166947/CustomThemes.exe


1: you likely have to deal with your antivirus

2: You will loose your settings each time you upgrade your mod, unless you saved and restore the file:

<your disk, likely C>:/users/<your name user>/Documents/Polymorph Games/Foundation/mods/166947/config/mod_config.json

About "fighting":

1- See Building - Stone gate V7 - Entrance - Access to fighting field. You set one on ground for each fighter.

2- Then you choose one function for each access: soldier or outlaws and assign villagers.

3- The villagers of the 2 teams will fight if their "Access to fighting field" are close


Please, tag me (@vjraymon) for reporting.

Special thanks to Firesofhades for the Custom theme UI

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18.11 2021
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