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BD Cosmetic Mod Archive

This is a Clientside Mod that lets you play on All Servers including Official as Batman, Mario, Shrek and more....

Just Load up the map, Pick a mod outfit and what armour you want to overwrite, click activate then join an Official Server.

Should work in all servers.


Currently Contains 12 Outfit Parts but more added soon...

  • Rocky Gloves
  • Gypsy Gloves
  • Batman Mask
  • Batman Cape
  • Melon Helmet
  • Pirate Hat
  • Parrot
  • Boba Fett Helm
  • Saucepan Helm
  • Pot Helm
  • Shrek Helm
  • Mario Helm


Installation Instructions

Right click Mordhau in Steam - Manage - Browse Local Files

Go to Mordhau/Content and add a folder, Call it CustomPaks as shown below


Download the Mod (Pak File) and put it in the CustomPaks Folder.

Start Mordhau. Press the Console Key (Above Tab) Type changeLevel BDLocal

IMPORTANT: Your game may Crash at This Point, This only happens once and is an issue with the pak mount.

Restart your game enter the console command again and the Mod menu will Load.

You can select multiple pieces of armour to overwrite and have a battlefield full of Batmans or activate multiple mods on different armour pieces.

To Reset Everything just restart Mordhau.

Please leave Feedback, in need of motivation :)





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