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Deliver non prepare boar to your kitchen isn't responsible. This is why you need a ButcherShop to make your cook happy.

The ButcherShop is available when you can use the Hunter's hut. When there is 20 Commoner

The ButcherShop can make two type of meat :

- Ham for make meal in the kitchen and luxury food. 3 per boar.

- Filet mignon for luxury Food only but is really expensive. 2 per boar.

The building is not desirable.

The Mod remove the boar from the sale of the market.


You need becarefull with the following part or the mod could have some problem!!!

You can Make some changing if you want for that you need to go to the mod.lua and go where you see Setable values :

- ButcherShopIsDesirable set to true the building will have a neutral desirability, set to false make it non desirable.

- BoarIsSellOnTheMarket set to true the boar will be available in the sale of the market, set to false it will be remove.



  • 18 Jan 17:41
    Version 1.0

    First Release



18.01 2021
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