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A large Serf house (density level 2 with 6 living spaces) can now host a cottage industry. One or two workers will raise food or produce an item directly from the home. These workplaces don't require any more space than the house, and have no build cost.

If the house upgrades to Commoner/Citizen housing, the workplace will be closed and any items still in the house will be lost. To prevent this you can un-check the box on the house that allows for upgrades.

Cottage industries currently supported:

  • Gather berries
  • Gather wood
  • Plant trees
  • Grow beans
  • Grow cabbages
  • Grow apples
  • Bake bread
  • Make cheese
  • Weave woolen cloth
  • Sew clothes
  • Make furniture
  • Hunt boar




09.03 2021
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