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Discordant Saints or "Fun with Saints!"
Beautification stuff to place near walls or on the fields of triumph. Any resemblance to persons or screen-names living or dead is merely coincidence.

Windows, Mosaics, Murals, and Banners

All puns strictly intended.
Also fun with language translators! Ha who know they have a cat translator and an Orcish translator!

Six sets of various items for 6 totally made up saints ps'd within an inch of their lives, plus two banner stands (one entire thing will scale up the other only the pole scales up) to sticky banners to if you want.

I. Ste Mockingbird Notre-Dame de Detroit (french): I made her up for my Island of Ste Mockingbird. (english translation: Ste Mockingbird Our Lady of Detroit)
II. St Minotor Patrón de Estudiantes (spanish): Thanks for all his brilliant help. (english translation: St Minotor Patron Saint of Students)
III. St Nuggs agh ul Drago (orcish): George? Who ever heard of him? (english translation: St Nuggs and the Dragon)
IV. Ste Raisin Giving Fbx er... no I mean Muffins to the Starving (english) Flashy cubes and tutorials will haunt my dreams for ages. PS. Sorry for makin ya a girl but I needed another girl and well bread saint fit.
V. Sf Baty al Nopții (romainian): There is a Saint Mary of the Night but there are no patron saints of bats so now we have one. (english translation: St Baty of the Night)
VI. St Kat Ov Jany: Patron Saint Ov Peeps (LOL cat speak) I laughed for days over your screenshots of a stadium full of cats in game! "How do you think all your banners got tatty!?" said the cat probably. Plus I made this for my monastery before. (english translation: St Cat of Jany: Patron Saint of people)

Everything adds desirability, is free and instant build. Banners can be hung near walls or rooflines or hung on one of the stands.




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