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The forest folk build treehouses and live a simple life in the woods. All their buildings require only wood to construct.

Look in the Monument menu for Forest Folk to build:

  • Oak, sycamore and poplar trees. These are the base for the Treehouse, platform, and are required to attach the Wildfowl Snare.
  • Treehouse. Four Serfs can live in each treehouse. The houses do not upgrade. You can also place treehouses on the ground as huts.
  • Platform. You can attach the Wildfowl Snares to this platform, or to a treehouse.
  • Stair. Each house requires one stair.
  • Water Spring. An ancient oak with a natural spring coming up from the ground. Serves as a water well.
  • Lumber and Forestry Hut. This hut provides for one forester and three woodcutters in a single building.
  • Sacred Tree. An ancient Sycamore tree that has been hollowed out and is used by the Druid for pagan rites. Villagers satisfy their need for Faith by visiting the tree.
  • Wildfowl Snare. A poplar tree that attaches to the Platform or Treehouse. A net traps passing birds which are collected by the Trapper as Poultry.
  • Wildfowl Nests. This is a sycamore tree with several wildfowl nests. The trapper collects Eggs from the tree.
  • Mushroom Hut. Two workers gather mushrooms and store them up the tree to keep them away from hungry animals that might eat them. Mushrooms grow near the hut and replenish every 7 days.
  • Food Market. Here you can sell the products of the forest folk: Mushrooms, Poultry, and Eggs. No granary is required, the seller will collect food to sell directly from workplaces.


  • If you use the Fuel and Security mods, simple workplaces can be added to the village using the Frontier Essentials mod.
  • You can scale the trees slightly higher to create more visual variation.




31.03 2021
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