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Welcome to Lunar Revel

A Celebratory Mod for the Lunar New Year!

Adding a Chinese Pagoda to initiate the celebration with fireworks above every house in the village.

It also functions as a well providing water to your villagers via a small water pool in front of the Ox statue.

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Manual Installation Instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Create a new directory in your Documents/Polymorph Games/Foundation/mods folder named Lunar Revel
  3. Copy the zip file in the new Lunar Revel directory
  4. Extract the zip file using the Extract Here option (do not use the Extract files... option as it will create one more folder in the file structure and the game won't recognise the mod!)
  5. The mod should be good to go! In case of problems contact me using any of the aforementioned social media links or ping me in the official Foundation discord server.

Note: Check the mods folder for a directory named 659363, if it exists delete it or the game won't load the version of the mod you have manually downloaded!

Note to other modders

If you want to use any part of this mod for your own mods please note:

  • Read the CREDITS text file as it includes necessary credits for licensed material found in this mod! If you use any of the assets mentioned you have to copy the credits information to you mod!
  • This mod is released under a GPL 3.0 licence, if you use or modify any part of its code for your own mods you have to release your full source code as well as include the GPL 3.0 licence with your mod! Read the LICENSE text file for more information!



  • 26 Feb 20:01
    Version 1.0.1

    Adds a separate transparent part to enable the fireworks above the houses



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