Medieval Stone Walls

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This is a decorative set of modular wrought iron fence and stone brick wall parts you could use for graveyards, lord manor courtyards, churches, or even a dungeon maze.

All the pieces have snap points for straighter layouts.

All the wall pieces also have a fence version for drawing around located in the fence drop-down menu.

Pillars and pillar decorations will snap to the cobblestone base. The stone pathway can only snap to itself but will curve to fit the terrain.

There is a light and dark variant of most pieces.

In this collection, there are :

  • 2 Brick Flooring Styles
  • Cobblestone Pillar Base
  • 9 Stone Brick Walls
    • Full Wall
    • Half Wall
    • Short Wall
    • Short Half Wall
    • Full Wall (Broken)
    • Half Wall (Broken)
    • Short Wall (Broken)
    • Archway
    • Short Wall (Cobblestone)
  • 5 Iron Gate Parts
    • Full Iron Fence
    • Half Iron Fence
    • Single Iron Gate
    • Locked Iron Gate
    • Iron Gate Door
  • 9 Stone Pillars
    • Cobblestone Square
    • Cobblestone Square w/ Decorations
    • Cobblestone Pedestal
    • Cobblestone Octagon
    • Cobblestone (Broken)
    • Stone Brick Square
    • Stone Brick Square Short
    • Stone Brick (Broken)
    • Stone Brick Octagon
  • 2 Stone Buildings
    • Pavilion
    • Tomb
  • 3 Fence Ornaments
    • Fleur-de-lis Ornaments (Gold and Iron)
    • Cross Ornaments
  • 3 Wall Decorations
    • Canopy
    • Wall Torch (Burning)
    • Red Banner
  • 9 Pillar Ornaments
    • Cross
    • Large Cross
    • Dragon
    • Lantern
    • Sundial
    • Fleur-de-lis Statue
    • Brazier (Smoking)
    • Brazier (Burning)
    • Brazier (Extinguished)

I hope you all enjoy this collection! I've had a lot of fun creating this mod.

Feel free to let me know of any additions you'd like to see in the game. I'll try my best to keep new things coming.

I post new decoration updates every once in a while

If you like the mod and want to help support:



  • 14 Jul 19:12
    Version 3.5.0

    Added 6 new items
    - Sundial
    - Cobblestone pillar (broken)
    - Stone brick pillar (broken)
    - Short square stone brick pillar
    - Short half wall
    - Short wall (broken)


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